Watch and celebrate with us in real time

Celebrate the Class of 2020 with the Yale-NUS Community. Show your support on the video stream or by using the hashtag #halcyongrads on social media!


Celebrate the achievements of Graduating Class

Join us as we honour the 183 graduands and celebrate their achievements in a virtual presentation of the graduands.


Listen to engaging

Watch the speeches by Yale-NUS College President Tan Tai Yong, Minister for Education Mr Ong Ye Kung, faculty speaker Professor Michael Maniates, and student speaker Scott Lee Chua, recorded from their homes.


Contributions from the Graduating Class

A graduating student will be playing the National Anthem during the ceremony. Watch out for the surprise video contribution from the Class of 2020 at the end of the ceremony!

Fun facts About Graduation


The Yale-NUS College Mace draws inspiration from the Yale-NUS mascot, Halcyon the kingfisher, and the three wood species representing the Yale-NUS residential colleges, Cendana, Elm and Saga.

Born out of a partnership between Yale University and the National University of Singapore, Yale-NUS brings together established liberal arts traditions of the West and the intellectual and cultural traditions of Asia, to form a unique model of liberal arts and science education. Like the distinctive Yale-NUS curriculum, the Mace incorporates both Western and Asian elements, combining facets of each to form a connected and unified whole.

Keris-inspired metalwork

The metalwork that embraces the YaleNUS wordmark on the front and back of the pommel draws its inspiration from the keris, an asymmetrical dagger distinguished by intricate patterns on the blade, which has a long history in many Southeast Asian cultures.

Halcyon the Kingfisher

Halcyon is represented in abstract bronze sculpture and majestically perched on the pinnacle of the mace, encapsulating the core identity of a young academic institution in confident ascension, and its constant striving for excellence.

Metal Seal

The metal seal on the shaft of the Mace features an intricate piece of metalwork modelled on the traditional Southeast Asian craft of metal beating and inspired by batik floral motifs and the intricate wood carvings of Asia.

The Pommel

At the head of the Mace, the pommel that bears the Yale-NUS wordmark is constructed from Elm, a tree that not only has a long history in Western culture and literature, but also represents New Haven, popularly known as the Elm City.

Academic Dress

The Yale-NUS College academic dress comprises a base gown, hood, sash and mortarboard. The sash is a batik-inspired print designed by Ms Natalie Tan from the Yale-NUS Class of 2017. 

The black base gown is accompanied by a hood with blue and white trims. In addition, the Yale-NUS academic dress includes an orange sash with a batik-inspired print of the College’s mascot, the kingfisher. The sash has blue trim on both ends and white trim along the sides. This is worn hanging over the front of the academic dress.  

The elements and colours of the Yale-NUS academic dress incorporate elements from the National University of Singapore and Yale University in their hood and sash colours respectively. The use of the hood and sash correspondingly reflects the practices at NUS and Yale.