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Class of 2020
The Class of 2020 has come a long way since they first arrived at Yale-NUS College in 2016. Take a trip down memory lane with some of the highlights from their first year on campus.

Orientation: Full House

Orientation is the official start to the Yale-NUS College experience. It is an opportunity for first-year students to meet their classmates, immerse themselves into the community and the larger campus life, as well as learn about the resources available at Yale-NUS College. In 2016, the introductory activities were centred on the theme ‘Full House’, as it was the first time Yale-NUS has a full house of four classes of students on campus.

First Year Assembly 2016

On 5 August 2016, two weeks of orientation programmes culminated in First Year Assembly ‘16, an annual ceremony where new students were formally welcomed by the Yale-NUS College community. Aside from welcome speeches by key College figures, the ceremony also featured performances by students from the incoming class.

Week 7 LAB

In the Week 7 Learning AcrossBoundaries (LAB) programme, first-year students, faculty and staff engage in learning projects of up to a week that explore themes of the Common Curriculum outside the confines of a traditional classroom. Week 7 LAB projects are faculty-generated initiatives that are organised in collaboration with the Centre for International & Professional Experience (CIPE).

First Year Voices

In 2016, four Yale-NUS College first-year students vlogged about their first-year experience at Yale-NUS College. Follow their journeys of discovery in this video series.

Senior Class Gift 2020

Senior Class Gift 2020

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