Faculty Speaker

Michael Maniates

Professor of Social Sciences (Environmental Studies)

Professor Michael Maniates is Professor of Social Sciences (Environmental Studies) and the founding Head of Studies of Environmental Studies at Yale-NUS College. He holds a BS in Conservation and Resource Studies and an MA and PhD in Energy and Resources, all interdisciplinary degrees from the University of California at Berkeley. His teaching, research, and writing focus broadly on transition theory: how a fractured world might collectively make its way to a future that is more environmentally sustainable, socially just, and just plain beautiful.

Prof Maniates has published, alone or with others, three academic books and dozens of academic articles, opinion pieces, book chapters, and review essays on environmental issues, as well as a textbook on global affairs. His recent work explores systems of sustainable consumption, social innovations for a low-growth/high-prosperity world, and the pitfalls and promises of “living green”.

Prior to joining Yale-NUS College in 2013, Prof Maniates served as Assistant, Associate, and subsequently Full Professor of Environmental Science and Political Science at Allegheny College (1993 – 2013), and Senior Visiting Professor of Environmental Studies at Oberlin College (2011 – 2013), two nationally-ranked liberal arts colleges in the United States. He has also ventured outside the halls of academe, co-founding two environmental organisations – The Meadville Community Energy Project (MCEP), as well as The Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment, and Security in Oakland, California – and serving as an advisor to several others.

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