How do I view the graduation ceremony?

  1. Go to 👉

    The video will start streaming from 7pm, Singapore Time (GMT+8). 🔥🔥
    To minimise the chance of missing this momentous event, set a reminder 🔔to be notified when the ceremony starts!  😉
  2. Sign up for a YouTube account and interact with us by: 

    - Liking our video 👍
    - Participating in the live chat  🎉
    - Commenting on our video
  3. You can also share the video on your social media channels with the hashtag #halcyongrads.
Stay tuned for more tips on how you can connect and celebrate this unique ocassion with your friends and families.


Try the Yale-NUS Graduation frames in your Facebook profile picture

  1. Go to
  2. Search for “Yale-NUS Graduation
  3. Select your desired frame and adjust the size of your image
  4. Set the duration of the use of your selected frame
  5. Click on ‘Use as Profile Picture” to show it off to your Facebook friends!


Add stickers to your Instagram story!

  1. Look up “yalenus” in the search bar
  2. Choose any of the available to add to your story
  3. Remember to tag @yalenuscollege to share your stories with us

Stories posted by public accounts may be reposted on the official @yalenuscollege Instagram account


Put on your mortarboard and academic dress (virtually)!

  1. Follow @yalenuscollege on Instagram
  2. Head to filters on our Instagram profile

Use these Graduation hashtags when you post on social media!