Invite Pack

Eligible students who have registered to participate in the Graduation Ceremony will receive an Invite Pack.

The Invite Pack contains the following items:

  1. Information Card

This card contains all the information you need for the ceremony. Please read this document thoroughly before the ceremony.

  1. Graduand Attendance Card

This card contains details of your name, student ID, degree title, seat number and awards (if applicable) and serves as your entry pass to the ceremony. It is also required by the Ceremony Official to ensure your name is in the system before you are presented on stage. No graduand will be presented without the card.

Please bring along this card for admission to the University Cultural Centre (UCC) Hall.

  1. Guest Cards

Each guest will need a Guest Card for admission to the UCC Hall.


You will collect your Invite Pack at Yale-NUS College. More information will be disseminated to students in late April/Early May 2019.