Please refer to the checklist below as you prepare to participate in the Graduation Ceremony on Monday, 18 May 2020.

Monday, 20 January to Friday, 31 January 2020Apply for Graduation (AFG) Exercise
Early March 2020Students receive e-invites to register for Graduation Ceremony
Mid March 2020Students to register their attendance for the Graduation Ceremony and indicate the number of Guest Cards needed.

Final deadline for registration: To be announced
April 2020Ordering of Academic Dress

Final deadline for ordering: To be announced
Monday, 20 April 2020Student Procession Rehearsal
End April 2020Collection of Academic Dress
May 2020Collection of Invite Pack
Sunday, 17 May 2020Class Day
Monday, 18 May 2020Yale-NUS College Graduation Ceremony
To be announcedReturn of Academic Dress to Serangoon Broadway

*Information and dates are tentative and will be updated closer to the Graduation Ceremony. Please check back regularly.

Complete the 3 steps below to confirm your attendance for the Graduation Ceremony.


  • By Friday, 31 Jan 2020

    1. Check Your Eligibility

    Single Degree and Double Degree students who have or will fulfil their graduation requirements by the end of Semester 1 AY2020/2021 will be invited to participate in the Yale-NUS Graduation Ceremony as graduands. The graduand list includes those in Concurrent Degree Programmes (CDP) who are on track to complete the Yale-NUS undergraduate requirements of a CDP by the end of Semester 2 AY2019/2020.

    Single degree students who will not fulfil their graduation requirements by the end of Semester 1 AY2020/2021 but are on track to fulfil their degree requirements by end of Semester 2 AY2020/2021 will also be invited to participate in the ceremony as non-graduands. These students may include those who need additional modular credits, have taken a Leave of Absence (LoA), or are in a Double Degree Programme (DDP).

    Both graduands and non-graduands will be robed. However, only graduands will be invited on stage to receive their degree scrolls from the Presiding Officer, and have their names included in the list of graduands in the Graduation programme booklet. Non-graduands who do not wish to be robed will sit with the other guests in general guests section.

    Non-graduands who take up the option of attending the Monday, 18 May 2020 graduation ceremony will also be invited to participate in the next Yale-NUS Graduation Ceremony as a graduand after they have fulfilled their graduation requirements.

  • To be announced

    2. Register Your Attendance

    Students will receive an email with the e-invite for the Yale-NUS Graduation Ceremony 2020. The RSVP date will be indicated in the e-invite. All invited students are required to register their attendance. This email will be sent out in early March 2020.

    Only students who have registered their attendance by the deadline will be assigned seats. Graduands who do not register by the registration deadline will not be presented on stage.

    Each student who is participating in the Graduation Ceremony is allocated Guest Cards for their friends and family. Students will indicate the number of Guest Cards they require when they register their attendance in March 2020.

  • To be announced

    3. Order Your Academic Dress

    The vendor for the Yale-NUS student academic dress is Serangoon Broadway Studio.

    More instructions to place your order for your academic dress will be disseminated nearer the Graduation Ceremony date.