A tradition that began with the inaugural Class of 2017, the Senior Class Gift (SCG) is the senior class’ gift to the College to mark the occasion of their graduation. As a class-based effort directed towards raising funds for specific college priorities, the SCG aims to encourage a culture of giving and to inspire alumni to continue giving back to the College, even after graduation.



Class of 2021

With the help of various matching challenges that multiplied the impact of your gift, you’ve successfully raised a total of S$12,608.20. Thank you for your generosity – your collective gift as a class will help enable a future Kingfisher to benefit from a Yale-NUS education, just as you have.
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38.8 %





raised after matching

Senior Class Gift 2021

Senior Class Gift 2021

It’s still not too late to make your contribution to help support future Kingfishers. Together, we’ve raised over S$4,400 for Financial Aid and with 34% participation.

Unlock an additional $4,400 once 50% of the class gives!
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