Student Speaker

Mr Scott Lee

Major in Economics

Mr Scott Lee Chua is a Chinese-Filipino majoring in Economics and minoring in Mathematical, Computational, and Statistical Sciences (MCS). Scott is interested in the politics of datasets — of inclusion, quantification, and categorisation — especially relevant in today’s data-driven world. He believes that the study of economics calls not only for rigorous logic but also an intuition of and empathy for human behaviour. For his capstone project, he explored how law enforcement crackdowns influence the behaviour of participants on virtual marketplaces for illicit goods.

Over the last four years, Scott has had the privilege of serving the Yale-NUS community in various capacities: as Student Government president, writing and economics tutor, English editor for the multilingual student publication Tònes, and Barbershop Chorus lead.


Scott is a writer at heart. He is the co-author of Doorkeeper, a dark fantasy graphic novel which weaves Philippine history and mythology into a poignant tale of life and legacy. In other genres, he has received the Nick Joaquin Literary Award for short fiction, and the Gabo Prize for Literature in Translation for poetry.

Scott also loves solving and creating puzzles. As a freelance escape room designer, he recently created the “Great Yale-NUS Escape”, in which students and staff defended the College against an invasion of body-snatching cacti.

In August, Scott will be pursuing a Masters in Quantitative Economics at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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